73 Grande Hardtop Labels


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Aug 21, 2019
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Colorado Springs
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73 Grande Hardtop Ivy Glow with Avocado interior. 351C/2V mated to a C6 tranny. Purchased new 13 Aug 73.
Currently under construction for ground-up restoration.


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New member here.  

I own a 73 Grande Ivy Glow with Avocado Interior, 351C/2V with C6 Tranny.  Prior to disassembling it for full restoration I took pictures of it and all of the labels.  unfortunately my PC hard drive crashed and a lost them.  If anyone can help me with pictures of labels for basic info I would appreciated it.  

I purchased it new on 13 Aug 73 and it has remained in my immediate family since then.  I was in the Air Force at the time and each time that I went overseas I left it in the care of my siblings with the understanding that they could not sell it and I got it back when I returned to the USA.  All of our kids are grown, so now I can spend their inheritance on my "baby".

Thank you in advance.