73 Mach 1 W/ Cool Story, Now Looking for Best Full Restoration Companies?

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Apr 26, 2021
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Hello, I have recently acquired a 1973 Mach 1 Q-Code with an interesting story. My Dad bought the car brand new, SOLD it in 1980, and with the help of Kevin Marti I was recently able to obtain the VIN and then ultimately track the car down a few weeks ago. My parents got married in this car in 1974, so it was very cool to surprise them with it, they were shocked! That said, the car is barely running and driving right now and is in "barn find" condition. It has quite a bit of rust will need a complete rotisserie restoration. The car will ultimately be mine, and I'm a Mustang collector myself, so this would be a very special one to add to my collection someday and I would like the car "done right" because I'll be keeping it forever. I realize I'll be completely upside down compared to the value of the car, and I am OK with that because of the history. 

The car is currently located near Nashville, TN, but we are willing to transport it to the right shop. Anyone have shop recommendations? And also, roughly how much should this cost for a complete restoration?

Jan 7, 2015
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First, welcome to the Forum. You came to the right place for 71 - 73 info.
I myself have a 1973 Mach 1 that I ordered new and has 12,000 miles. Pic below. I do have a friend that does very high end restorations. He has done several mustangs and been in business I think 37 years now and has never advertised and has a waiting list. It is impossible to do a firm hard quote on a ground up restore. He does progressive payments as work is done. He has had one customer do three or four cars. He did a pontiac GTO that had no floors, not trunk and doors dropped because the A posts were rusted into. When it was finished it went to the Pontiac Nationals with over 800 cars and took Best of Show first time out. Zero deductions for work just Interstate battery and radial tires were only points lost.
So as far as cost he did a Pontiac Ram Air IV 4 speed last year that went over $100,000. His shop rate is less than most also.
It also helps with costs if you track down parts. He can of course reference my original car for details also.
The picture was at the Ponies in the Smokies a few weeks ago. The green car next to me is also a member and he won best of show.