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Jan 7, 2015
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I have not had a garden in about 5 years with going to China then building the garage I just did not have time. The garage sits where the best garden spot was so I sprayed week killer on part of the lawn below my 90 year old grape vines.

Got me a new tiller and started breaking up the ground. Went down to the pole barn to get something and darn ground hog had dug a hole or two holes in there. So I figured I would be on the lookout to shoot it or them.

I have a bunch of 5' chain link fence so I decided with all the deer, turkeys and now more ground hogs I would never have a garden without the fence. Took me two weeks to get all the post set and fence up about 80' square.

So the day before I got the last fence up the D&%$ ground hog digs a hole under a huge log that I cold not move in the middle of the garden. I had put some wire up for cucumbers to grow up on and hog ate the cucumbers to the ground. Had not got to my okra yet but did eat some of the corn.

So yesterday morning I decided to attach with all I could, lol. I had been told you could not burn a ground hog out but I was going to try. I took a pint of gasoline, a can of home fumigation spray and a section of conduit to the garden. Also had my .17 HMR in case he came out.

I taped the spray to the end of the conduit and put as deep into the hole as I could and let it gas it up. I then tossed the gas in and let set a minute so the fumes would fill the hole. I taped a towel to the conduit and put gas on it and lit. When I put in the hole you heard a big thump when the fumes blew inside the hole. This is under a 18" dia. black walnut lot that had been laying there since I built the garage. I shoveled dirt in the hole so I could tell if the hog came out.

I worked the garden for about an hour then went in. When I went back out the log was on fire, lol. I hosed it down and the hog had not came out. I filled in the other hole last night and no sign of them today. Hope they are all gone.

So it has rained about all year until I started the garden now no rain in a couple weeks, lol. I would not want to be a farmer.

I do like fresh veges and I make pickles and can tomatoes and beans each year.

Hitting about 90 each day so really getting dry. There are very few bees with all the bad things killing them. I take a q tip and pollinate the tomatoes and they are loaded with little ones.

I sprayed the grape vines which are going to be loaded with grapes. Then come the raccoons they love grapes. The squeeze the inside out and leave the hulls on the ground.

So 1sostatic is down on bugs and birds I am taking out the ground hogs.


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