Alternate glove box light (heater control light)

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Oct 8, 2019
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1971 Mustang Convertible
1971 Mustang Mach I
1972 Mexican GT-351
I found an alternate way to install a map light. I have a pretty chopped up under dash harness that I bought to get the gauge connector from. It had the heater light bulb harness on it. It was a perfect fit in the glove box light. I have already tapped into the light green/yellow stripe used in the door switches. I think this is a live line all the time. I used the harness and the plug from the hacked up harness.  This may not be an option for everyone but perhaps it will work for someone. I have made a few other mods to the harness for tach power and tach signal. I hope it all works when I get power on it. I still need the switch. WCCC has them for $20 or I may just get a repop.


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