Aluminum trim restoration / anodizing services?

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Mar 30, 2017
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May you do not find a dedicated trim restoration place, which is a really niched bizz. You could consider 2 different addresses. Classic chroming/plating shops have a great experience in polishing and dents/scratches fixes. Polishing the trim being the key for a nice result. It is also where the costs are.
And there are shops dedicated to anodizing aluminium for the industry. Try call local bicycle makers or similar, they usually use these treatments on frames and wheels and they could surely provide you some address to go to.
Like this one but near you:

And there is also a much cheapo way to restore them before bring them to such company: use elbow oil and a polishing machine.
I bought a 2 wheels machine similar to this one.
I did my 73 trims and you get a mirror finish in no time with one of these. The most work is actually to rough sand the original plastic coating (used grid 80/120 3M dry paper to do this) , remove/flatten the scratches that mine were having and gradually bring the surface back (I used 600 wet for that), then you can polish. Only needs a clear coat after that.
Know that if you go that way, that the sanding is a pretty tedious step by hand and I know that for my 71, I will look at band sanding machines for that part.
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Apr 12, 2015
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I believe King Of Trim, used to be called Ano-Brite. If so, it can be pricey, however, they do really show quality work. I had them do all of the interior trim for a '63 Sport Thunderbird that I restored years ago years ago ( believe me, there was a lot ), for a man I worked for, and the car took Best of Show, as well as best Trailered ( not driven ). You can bet their work was perfect. I've seen them restore an old Falcon grille and a Mopar grille, from bent barely useable scrap, to show perfect and brilliant. Totally impressed with the work.