Another 71 J-code Drag Pack Mach 1

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Apr 24, 2013
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1971 J Code Mach 1
1972 H Code Mach 1
I should have done this instead of posting my question on stockerbill's thread.

I don't think I ever shared these documents before, these are for the blue J-code that was on Ebay in the summer of 2020:
Auction Pic 3.jpg

Auction Pic 4.jpg

Original engine and trans are long gone as is the metal dash panel. Interior has Standard door panels and most plastics are replacements of the wrong colors. I have some sketchy anecdotal history on the car from the PO that leads me to guess that it was parted out at some point in its life. According to the invoice it was sold inside of Ford, so who knows what kind of shape it was in when it finally left Ford's care and was sold off to the public. It has had some questionable repairs done to it and a lot of the desirable original bits are gone.

Anybody care to enlighten me on why somebody would put fog lights under the car aimed at the rear tires? I guess cool night time burnouts?