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Aug 7, 2021
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I’ve realized that one has to be careful with all the attention these cars bring. I had someone stop traffic until I acknowledged his thumbs up (I was pumping go juice), to having another taking a picture while driving at 70mph!

However my favorite story, so far, was when I bought the car and went to switch the title they told me I had a year to get it inspected. Thought it was peculiar since NC does not require an inspection for older cars. Put it off for 8 months, when I finally went to get it “inspected” at the DMV he came out and took a picture of the vin and car. That’s when I found out they were just checking to see if it was stolen. While waiting, had a guy come up to talk about it. 5 minutes later a State Trooper pulls up behind me, gets out, and asked “who’s car is this!”?

OH CRAP. Now, I’m thinking there goes my purchase price and why oh why did I drop more money into it before this. “Mine sir”

He then proceeded to hold his keys up in the air and asked “Wanna trade?” 
Somehow I was able to keep my composure enough to lean over and look around him at his fully equipped dodge charger, state issued, patrol car and reply “no thanks”. 
After a few laughs I proceeded to cuss him out for about giving me a heart attack as he didn’t know what I was there for. 

Well, if you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did (?) and would love to hear y’all’s story’s!


Sep 8, 2018
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Ross, Ohio
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I had just gotten the car fired up after sitting at my brothers house for 4 years without it running.  Anxious to see what it could do and to give the engine a good "blowing out" I drove to the local 4 lane highway and I laid into it on the entrance ramp.   As I reach the top of the ramp getting ready to merge the speedo said 75 and as I looked into the side mirror I saw the local police coming up on the main highway behind me.   I figure he would light me up but instead he just stayed on my tail.  Laying off the gas and taking the first exit I took the back road back to my house with him in tow. 

After pulling into my drive he pulled up and got out of his cruiser.  He ask how I was doing and I said fine.  He mention that he had clocked me at 77 and I told him that it was the first time out with it and I wanted to give it a good run and I said I was sorry.  He  looked at me with a half smile and said that with a car like that he would of gave me up to 90 mph before considering pulling me over.   Come to find out he was into muscle cars and he has a 69 Chevelle SS with a 396.   After talking cars for about a half hour he said he had to get back to work.   I have seen him numerous times since then and we have become friends.  

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Apr 19, 2011
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San Jose, CA
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Had a similar situation where I was clocked at 62 in a forty zone.  The motorcycle cop checked my paper work and told me

him and his dad where working on installing a big block in his '69 Camaro.  He said he understood my need to jump on it

from time to time then said "try not to"and left.