Austin Vert's Grille Makeover Project.

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Apr 27, 2022
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1972 Mustang Convertible, 351 C2V, 3 Speed Manual Transmission, Decor Group, Color Keyed Racing Mirrors. 6C Medium Goldenrod, White Knit Vinyl Bucket
Hi 351c,

See the two pics below for year molding clip identification ......................................................
Greg, as many have already said, your grill looks fantastic !! So funny that back in the day when I had my 73 Sportsroof, I loved the big horse too, but I wanted the Mach 1 grill and hood. I took the big horse from my standard grill and put it on the rear deck lid, opposite the Mustang script. Then I had a pin striper make it look like the horse was running across the back of the car, a la the 1970 road runner stripe that was optional where it looked like the Road runner bird's dust trail down the side of the car. Wish I had a pic of that, it looked really cool and got tons of compliments. Here is a pic of the road runner. The pinstriper did it way cooler than this if you can imagine it. 1696285201442.png


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