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Jan 12, 2017
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USA - Florida
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1972 Mustang Mach 1
2011 Mustang GT
It was mid to late March when someone here posted SMS Fabrics was having a 19% off sale.  Nearly 20% off was too good to pass up so I ordered 4 yards of black Comfortweave, and was invoiced and charged on 4/1.

Now that's it's the end of April and no update, I inquired, which led to a series of replies I don't quite know what to make of.

First reply:  "This is not a stock item and we are making more, earliest will be end of May."

Okay, I thought I was buying NOS and that NO ONE was making this woven/knitted vinyl anymore so I had to ask: "I’m confused; this fabric has not been made since 1973, so I don’t know how you are making more.  I did not know you, or anyone, had the equipment to weave the knitted vinyl in this pattern.  Can you clarify?"

Second reply:  "We are currently making a roll of this."  That was it.  Nothing more.

Thoughts?  Do I just take them at their word that they're able to weave this oh-so-precious Comfortweave knitted vinyl product?


How many yards would you need to do the front and back seats on the deluxe interior Mach 1 seats?  I have interior code GW on my 72 Mach 1 and so I might need to order some of the white comfortweave.  I also need the gray vinyl striped section for my front seats.  Maybe two yards of that?