Car flipper cautionary tale.

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Apr 2, 2021
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2P 3R7
It seems to me that all the online sales sites (I will pick on Epay, but no different for the other online timed auctions) are set up to make it easier for potentially unreputable sellers from hiding issues and/or committing a more substantial fraud. Over the years I have spent many hours looking at mustangs on eBay, but the timed auctions make it next to impossible to arrange to see the car. In one instance I tried to make arrangements to see the car, but couldn’t get it done within the timeframe (so I passed on it).

Its especially tougher when you live outside of the USA, and don’t have the local knowledge of the reputable inspectors in that local area.

With the age of these cars (40+ years), I suspect it has to be really rare that someone hasn’t crashed them and/or made questionable repairs to them. Even my 72 mustang (family owned since it was 6 months old) was sideswiped on the drivers front fender before we bought it. We had no knowledge of it and no suspicions until I restored it in the winter of 2018 (we decided it was a better path long term to replace the fender, than deal with the limited amount of bondo).

I am sure we have all heard of the saying “put some lipstick on the pig, and get rid of it”

Buyer beware!