Clock question and advise on vapour lock

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Aug 27, 2013
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Halton Hills, Ontario
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'72 Mach 1 Q Code, original drivetrain, original owner, '56 Fargo Powerwagon, '91 Dodge Stealth, original owner, '00 750 Honda Shadow, '78 Suzuki GS1000, '78 Suzuki GS 750, mid-'60's Ural Sidecar
‘72 Mach 1 full centre console with armrest. Do I need to remove the whole console to remove the clock, or can I get it out from the top? If so, where are the pressure points that need to be released?

Also, any thoughts on reducing vapour lock. Q code Cleveland with original Motorcraft D-4300 750cfm, toploader, and factory air. If the motor has been hot, it will usually start, and idle OK, but runs rough until cooler fuel gets to the carb. Fuel line runs from the pump between the block and the A/C compressor to the carb, so it has been wrapped. Thinking of adding a low pressure electric pump near the fuel tank on a manual switch just for starting when hot. Who’s good at being cool?