Company looking for plastic front bumper as tester to possibly start making!

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Sep 13, 2016
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71 Base 6 cylinder, and 72 Base 351C
I was surfing, and found a Mustang II website that makes bumpers and stuff for them. I sent them a message telling them about the 71-73 Mustangs, how they came chrome or plastic, and while chrome are made but the plastic are not. He sent back that he would be interested in getting ahold of a good one for testing to possibly make as they are looking to expand into other cars. He gave me permission to put his contact info here, Robert at , and his number is 612-605-1804. I have no affiliation with them, just thought this might be a way to finally get these made! So if you have one they could look at, or are just interested in one, let them know, the more interest the more likely it happens. Looking at what they offer now for the II's, prices look very reasonable.