Couple of questions..

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Mar 30, 2017
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The Netherlands
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73 Grande 351C
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Slowly but surely installing some parts back on my 71, I came across a few details..

1/ What should I use to seal the wipers mechanism (the two rotating bits) once installed back into the cowl? I recall some sticky substance when I've removed them.


2/ I've received an idler arm from moogs that differs from the original quite a bit.
The new one comes with 3 foam washers. 2 are of same thickness (AC) (say, 8mm/0.314961inches) and one thicker (D), more like 13mm/0.511811. A small washer D.

My restore drag link has the long bolt that goes thru the tube, a thick washer and a securing nut.

Looking at the old one I should do:

side 1: 

A, the draglink bolt thru tube, then B, then the thick original washer, then nut

on side 2:

the idler arm balljoint, C, D go thru the bracket and nut?

not really sure.. could really use some help on that one.


3/ sleeves

I got new tie rods ends/ inner and sleeves. I won't attempt to align anything at this point, but would like to install the sleeves in a way they are set optimally to allow adjustment later on. My 73 being aligned, i'll look and measure to have something similar for now, but wonder what should be the optimal way to install them from scratch.

The weekend being at the corner, any answers on these would be very welcome...



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Oct 4, 2014
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Minnesota, USA
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1972 H code fastback Boss 351 clone
For the washer transmission seals, I just made new ones by using paper gasket material joined to protecto-wrap for around house windows. put the sticky side of the protecto-wrap against the paper gasket material and then cut to size of the wiper base. Make sure to put the paper gasket side up so it looks nice. The original seals had a tarry/sticky substance with some kind of cloth and I have never seen a repop. Good Luck!!