Did you guys follow these cars at Mecum Harrisburg? Fascinating cars!


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Dec 29, 2011
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Birmingham, AL
Same owner, these 4 cars just sold at Mecum Harrisburg. The 72 R code even has the original rev limiter. Check out the silk screen on it. It's unique to a 72. Motorcraft, not Autolite. I bought one (probably the only working one still around) off Ebay years ago that I'm going to use on my 1972 Grabber Blue R code convertible (one of only 13 made) when I get around to restoring it. Only like 400 72 R code rev limiters ever made and most were thrown away! How many are left?


Lots S36 to S39. You have to log on to Mecum to see the prices.

The yellow car was the best deal, but I think all three sold cheap! They would have gotten much more money for these cars if they had cleaned them up IMHO.

Does anyone on this site know the history of the owner? Did he pass on or just lose interest?

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Aug 12, 2010
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I hope there's nothing more going on than some cosmetic errors on those cars, and it looks like some parts need to be swapped back to their original locations. The '72 "Boss 351" shouldn't have a urethane bumper (because it's really a '72 R-Code with the Boss 351 fenders and trunk lid from the other legit Boss 351 in primer), and the yellow one shouldn't have the TuTone without the Ram Air package & hood locks, for instance (it was put on just a little too far back from the nose to have been done by the factory).

The MT site is calling the yellow car a 'Barn Find Survivor,' yet the Mecum write-up indicates all of the things that had been restored in the '80s:
  • Barn find that had been previously restored in the early 1990s
  • Exhaust has been replaced
  • Engine rebuilt in the 1990s with roller rockers added
  • Original 4-speed manual transmission with newer clutch
  • 1973 date-coded 31-spline 3.91 Detroit Locker rear end included in trunk
  • R-code Ram Air hood added in period
Just more indications that the auction houses and so-called expert publications aren't really paying attention or don't know what's what.

Whatta mess. Those cars would be worth so much more if the guy hadn't played musical parts between them.
Jul 27, 2021
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I do not understand the trend of leaving barn finds all dusty and filthy to auction them off. The guy from "Chasing Classic Cars" does this all the time, he does not want the cars touched as it will remove the grime off them, and he claims buyers want to see the grime, dirt, and dust, and I am sure the dead mice, rats, squirrels, and all the pop and piss they leave, with all the accompanying smells. Makes no sense to me to try and sell a dirty disgusting car, when you can just have photos of how it was found, so the buyer can see that it is a real barn find, while letting him see exactly what he is getting. When a car is that dirty you really can't appreciate what you are buying... If I had found those cars, I would have taken photos of the condition they were in, I would have cleaned them up, and I would have tried to get them all in running condition if at all possible, I think that would have brought much more if they were clean and in running condition...