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Mar 19, 2016
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South Africa
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73 Mustang Grande Coupe
Hey guys so I have a double question and need some guidance

351C with 4BBL Holley 600CFM, 

Mild camshaft 

Electronic ignition setup 

Car starts and Idles fine , drop it into gear and she will switch off , back to N or P and she will fire up again , Could this be fuel or timing related, Have to hold the throttle and brake to get her moving along, its frustrating .Thats question 1

Question 2 , drove the car about for a while , car has a C4 with a white screw in modulator , which I understand is an early C4, I had a nightmare of a time with the previous "specialists" and this box , so I now know its all good. Checking the dipstick (I have an aftermarket one) bought from summit racing. Pan filled chrome pan as well . Pull the stick and there are loads of little bubbles in the fluid, its not a solid red. Normal or am I short on tranny fluid, I did a flush and pulled out about 3.5liters.  (3.7 Quarts)