Drag pac oil cooler


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Jan 7, 2015
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Most companies do not patent hard mechanical items much anymore. The attorney ends up with all the money. It is usually easy to find a way around a patent on something physical. Chemical and electrical are not so easy.

Of course in all my jobs you had to sign away any rights to patents if the company wanted to do so. I think my name is only on a couple one for the cold forming of lawn mower blade cutting edges. The other was something I came up with when one of my African trophies almost fell to the floor. It is a hanger that will not allow a mount to fall even in an earthquake, lol. It was called a Headlock Hanger. Had an article about it in one of the taxidermy magazines. After I left the company they quit selling them was crazy. Sold for I think $20.00 and cost $.85 to mfg. Not enough profit for them, lol.

That cooler was quite complicated for such a low volume also.

I went to the net and the ad they put on youtube is still out there.

The bracket was made from HSLA, High Strength Low Allow steel. I might see if the owner will let me have the patent and tooling.