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Apr 24, 2020
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Pittsford, NY
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My all time favorite vehicle is our 1969 Shelby GT500

mrgmhale your write ups are always very detailed and full of info. You keep doing what you do and I'll keep reading and learning what you share. We might have a little fun with you some times but it's all done in good nature my brother. I am glad you are here and are willing to share your knowledge. :giggle:

Cool, it works for me Even if at times there is some good natured ribbing going along with what responses I may get. I liken it to a situation like a bunch of soldiers who are out in the field, who rely on each other's collective skills to get through each day and night. I truly enjoy sharing what I know where I feel I can be use to someone's project. And, I have picked up some really good info from others in this forum as well.

If nothing else, the kind of information from folks who have been working on and diagnosing these vintage pony cars from "way back in the day" really needs to be documented for future generations of enthusiasts. Our old time enthusiasts (from back when these cars were new or fairly new) who know first hand how these cars worked, how they were built, how to diagnose and repair them, is a dying breed - and I know it all too well. There is a lot I would like to leave to others, and a good grip on info re: these older vehicles is just a part of what I hope to leave behind.

Meanwhile, I am going to keep on tinkering with, working on, showing, and driving them (and share info on them) for as long as I can. Every time I drive or work on one of our pony cars i am 19 again, at least in my heart and mind - the physical limitations seem to transcend the mental state, however. Still, it is as if I have been transported back in time when I play with these marvelous machines. I'm am betting it is the same for other old timer enthusiasts as well. If not, so be it. But I know at car shows other guys about my age always have a twinkle in their eyes as they look at these pony cars, and talk about their old days of youth when they had a car "just like this one."

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