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Sep 16, 2012
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72 Mustang Convertible Modified Spec White(ext) Black Pwr Tp/Int Frt Pwr Disc Brks 351 Clevelandw/Ram Air/2 BBL Manifold/Holly EFI & Hurst (wde ratio) 4-spd/429 or 351 Ford Toploader Trans/3.5 rear axle ratio Mach 1/racing mod suspension [email protected] sec Magnum 500 (frt 7" & rear 8") wheels modified w/71-73 accessories (all original mustang parts)
If you do not mind, my Cleveland as upgraded w/solid lifters w/H.O. Lunati cam and 9.5 compression, and only 2800 miles after the overhaul as well w/the Ford toploader but for some reason, and issue arised with oil pressure increasing immensely since AC after market 'Hurricane' installed, some squealing of belts though oil looks clean, w/couple of years on it, think the viscosity has broken down however did run into a little hiccup with running an attempt in a 1/4 mile but did not change gears from 1st to 2nd until it reached, 58mph w/7200 rpms and 'what a backfire from it. Not a noticeable leak from anywhere however looking at taking it in for a gasket refitting. and maybe rear end seal needing attention a little bit. what do you think(possibly a clogged pick up)? not too experienced at this........<:+?> "Think I will have it towed from place where look into belts and then over to have engine gasket fixed

then amidst change over from 2 barrel intake manifold to a 4 barrel 'air gap' to replace it then that XADO additive into the 'soup', ;per se.

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