Fiberglass radiator shroud

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I will check the part number on that when I get home from work and get back to you and maybe we can make this happen with a little help from our friends. (just to quote the BEATLES)

these two pic show the shroud and although you can't see the entire piece believe me the rest looks just as good and as you can see it's never been painted and has the original fiberglass finish.
I am not sure that is the correct shroud based on the angle I can see? It looks a little to wide. Take a look at my piece.
Very interesting thread guys. Good info here. I just had to go check mine, which I have little or no doubt is the original 1971 351C non-A/C Part number is D0OE-8146-C, made by Barnum Bros and is fiberglass. To be honest, I've not seen an original plastic shroud for any year, but what do I know!! Been proven wrong before.

Ken is yours for a 9 car? That would make sense that yours is narrower I guess.


Added a couple of pictures of my 351C 4V shroud.
Yes, yours is the correct standard fair for the 351C line. I don't believe there is a plastic one either, I did have an aftermarket plastic one years ago for my '71 429cj Mach, did the job until I found the original fiberglass unit similar to the one we are discussing in this thread. Yes, this is all about the correct shroud for the 429cj vert restoration I am doing. These are much thinner then the 302 and 351C shrouds, easy to spot in cars, hence why I questioned when I saw the picture above. we all learned a little today... Cheers