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Sep 8, 2018
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Ross, Ohio
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Seems like one of the problems that we all have is re-finishing the trim on the windows and drip rails.  There are several good post on here on how to restore them but the main issue is how to protect the finish once done.  I pm several of the members that have been down this road to see if there was a good solution and I got multiple answers from spray the trim with a clear coat to just use a good wax to keep from oxidizing.   After giving some thought I ruled out just waxing.  I was concerned about if oxidation started again I would have to pull the trim and redo.  Once was enough.   

I turned to spraying on a clear coat.  I used Spraymax 2k clearcoat and did the rear window trim first.  After giving several coats things were looking good.  I was getting ready to install it and accidently nick one of the bottom trim pieces.  As I looked it over you could see where the clear coat chipped off.  I took my thumb nail and scrapped a little where the chip was at and it starting peeling right off.  Not good.  I had prep the trim by cleaning with paint prep.  I was going to spray it again but I got thinking about how would I touch it up if needed once on the car.    It would not be that easy of a job to do.  I decided to look around and see if there was anything else out there. 

I came across ProtectaClear by Everbrite.  After sending a few emails to the company to get some questions answered I decided to try a can.  This coating is a clear liquid and flows like water.  It is easy to use and leaves a clear finish.  Only prep needed is to clean all the trim with Xylene before coating.  I put on several coats using a foam brush following the instructions.  After letting it dry I tried to chip a piece to see how it would stand up.  I had to scratch hard to get through it.  Once down to bare metal it took a little effort to peel it off.   Happy with the results I went ahead and did the rest of my trim.  Several factors I like about this product is the ease of which it goes on and how well it flows. As with painting try laying your pieces flat when applying due to viscosity being so low. A tip is to put on just enough to wet the piece.  If too heavy you will get pooling.  Use several light coats.  I also like the fact that making any touch ups on the car will be a breeze.  No need to mask off areas to apply more.  This product also dissolves into itself instead of layering so if you need to sand a spot out you can blend it back in by just applying more product.   Below are some pictures of my finish trim.  The trim has been on the car now for several months and so far it is holding up well.  Extreme heat and several wet clothe washes later the trim still looks like the day I did it.

20200418_140213 (2).jpg