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Sep 14, 2018
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1971 Convertible, 1973 Hardtop

I bought this car sight unseen from a dealer out of Daytona Beach last Fall. I trust my intuition and experience withe these car’s to be able to tell the condition of the car in pictures, videos and questioning the seller... Still, I would not advise anyone to follow this path. 

I had it shipped North of the Border and promptly parked it in the garage for the winter. Other then starting it in February to drive onto a trailer in order to get the car safetied, it has sat... So, I finally had a good day this weekend to take it for its first cruise and I was impressed with how it ran. You can always tell when a car is near original...  I have not touched it yet, other then a new master cylinder and rear brake cylinders to get it safetied and an oil change), because it has not shown any signs that I need too. 

It is a Q Code 4-spd with original AC (that blows cold) and 47K original miles. I mentioned previously that the uninformed dealer... spray bombed a large area under the car because of the 45 years of natural Oakland, Cali oxidization... I would much preferred the natural coat of oxidized air on the bare steel parts. Oh well, a job for another day. This summer, I will just enjoy going for the odd cruise. My first car (and Mustang) was a Coupe, glad to find such a nice example As it has been 41 years since I owned one. End of story :)

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