For Sale: NOS Vintage Fiberglass Fenders/Console/Wheels

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Sep 26, 2017
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1971 Mustang Convertible with a 302 and AOD
Selling a pair of new old stock fiberglass fenders I was planning to put on my '71 but never got around to. They're brand new and in very good shape. One has slight damage on one of the corners where the front trim around the grille attaches because of being moved around over the years. Very lightweight, lift them with 1 finger. Asking $400

Also have a black console that was in my car when I bought it. No real damage apart from some holes being a bit buggered up but could stand to be freshened up, maybe a fresh coat of paint. Comes with the shifter surround and the (broken) clock. Missing ashtray. Asking $100

Last is a set of vintage (late 70's, early 80's I think) Rocket Racing wheels. Good shape, little bit of curb rash and a small dent or two but not enough to make it lose air and some rust starting on the chrome but should polish up nice. They could use some fresh black paint between the spokes as it's flaking off. They look similar to turbine wheels but not quite so 80's if that makes any sense. 15", I forget the width but I'll check this week. I was told they were on a '68 Mustang coupe before I bought them. Asking $100

Text Mike at 508-981-8773 or email at [email protected]

Will send pics and answer any questions.