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The default forum theme comes with some pretty user adjustable settings such as the banner background picker!  To access the background picker settings, just click the setting slider icon in the user nav bar at the top right of every page...

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You will then see the Background Picker popup where you can choose your favorite header background image or set it to random for a different image every page load! 

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You will also see some more theme settings such as Dark Mode, Sticky Header, Fluid Width, Larger Post Font Size, Stick Author Panel, Sticky Sidebar and even Flip Sidebar to the left side if yo like!  You should leave Sticky Header and Fluid Width on by default for better forum appearance but you are free to adjust them as you like!

Be sure to click SAVE when you are done!

You can also change from light mode to dark mode on the fly by just clicking the moon icon in the user nav bar.  It will switch you over to dark mode and the icon will change to a light bulb which you can click to toggle back to light mode! 

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The light and dark themes are also available in the theme selector menu at the bottom left corner of every page in case you would like to set your theme preference manually or if you would like to switch back to the original Fast Lane or Dark Road themes.  Forum cookies will remember all of your choices until you ever have to clear your cookies.

I hope you enjoy the new theme and the custom header graphics!  If you have any questions, let me know!

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