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Nov 18, 2019
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Fredensborg has been nailing license plates to his ass
and …Idaho Chris has been jamming mufflers into his ….nothing like peace and quiet, is there.
Trevynd is going green
Steve McMahan is trying put his probe somewhere…my response would break the internet and get this site banned
Moose talks about “rim blow switch” …you have to stop frequenting the wrong bars and nightclubs, dude.
TheDude is trying to keep his cool
jscott installed a swimming pool at the back of his car… that’s not going to work bro.
Nige thinks his Temp gauge is for measuring water … no m8 – when you pass a hot chick on the sidewalk, the gauge goes up, try it.
Grandmas73 wants to lift cars… autotheft is going to get you jail time buddy.

Rocketfoot has hot merch going on, especially T Shirts…I must get one to hide my ugly body


All the best to ya’ll as we head off toward the back end of the calendar for this year

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