Fuel system upgrade


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Apr 27, 2012
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Nashville, Tennessee
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1973 Q code Mach 1
As my engine's fuel needs exceed the capacity of the stock fuel lines and pump, I decided to do something about it.

I'm adding 1/2 braided line front to back.

a RobbMC mechanical fuel pump able to suppl sufficient fuel for up to 1100 horsepower with their regulator and a 100 micron filter and a 40 micron filter.  Their parts are really nice.

My initial plans were to reuse the gas tank, but a fuel cell makes more sense than cobbling up something.  My mileage is poor due to the thirsty 393 and a reduced capacity tank wasn't something I was in the mood to deal with.  So I found a 22 gallon fuel cell from JAZ  It measure 32 1/2 x18x10 plus another inch on top for fittings.

Since my car has a roll bar and the rear seat is already removed for carpeted aluminum panels, I decided to (yet again) relocate my battery from the trunk to under the faux sportsdeck and build a box for the fuel cell to drop into the trunk.  I have a sealed battery box, so the relocation is easy enough.  The kill switch relocation is a bit of a challenge, but I think I have it figured out.

A Saturday with a bender and I built a 16 ga steel box.  This was my second time working with a bender but it came out accurate and very nice (I let my buddy weld it up as his welds are much cleaner than mine)

I cut the trunk floor between the cross members and not quite to the frame rails.

I bent up some 14 ga steel for brackets and to rebuild a damaged area of the rear crossmember.  Work is ongoing but I thought I would share progress along with a photo of the mock up.

The metal ring is now welded to the top and the opening cut out.  The fuel line will come out the front side of the cell and the top fitting will be replaced with a sending unit. 

The box is 34 x19 1/4 x 12H (not including the top flanges)  When installed there will be minimal useable trunk space and I'll have to open my trunk to fuel up.  From behind the car it appears as if there is no gas tank.