Fuel Tank Repair


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How to repair a leaking, dented gas tank.

I could have purchased a new tank for $120 plus freight.

But I wanted to see if this tank could be repaired.

The repair took 6-8 hours.

First thing is clean the fuel out of the tank and flush it until all of the fumes are gone!

Here is the tank with dents and holes.

View attachment 4420

View attachment 4421

View attachment 4422

This picture you can see where the factory seam weld was.

View attachment 4423

Take a zip cut wheel and grind a grove just on the inside of the existing seam weld.

Only grind threw the top sheet metal on all four sides.

The sheet metal will turn blue as it thins out, Don't grind into the bottom sheet metal.

View attachment 4424

Take a cold chisel to separate the top sheet metal.

View attachment 4425

Pull the top and bottom apart.

View attachment 4426

Here you can see the bottom lip.

View attachment 4427

Here you can see the top lip, as well as all the rust that builds up and get in the fuel system.

View attachment 4428

Straighten the top lip out with a dolley and hammer, so it will lay flat when you weld it back together.

View attachment 4429

Blast the top and bottom pieces of the tank in and out.

View attachment 4430

View attachment 4431

The pin holes are hard to see, using a flash light behind helps locate them.

View attachment 4432

View attachment 4433

Do all your spot welding on the inside of the tank using a copper backing plate, this will save alot of grinding later.

View attachment 4434

Grind of the weld penatration the pops threw the sheet metal.

View attachment 4435

View attachment 4436

Dolley and hammer all the dents out.

View attachment 4437

View attachment 4438

Fit the Halves together.

Use vise grips to keep the sheets tight for welding.

Start at one corner and work around all four sides.

This allows you to tweek the grove back into the same location.

Tack weld about every three inches.

Grind all the tacks smooth so the seal weld can pass over them nicely.

View attachment 4439

Set the tank up on a 45 degree angle so the seam can be re-welded in a down hand position.

View attachment 4440

When welding ensure that the puddle fuses the sheet metal on both sides of the zip cut grove.

Use a slight whipping motion with the arc, backing up about 1/8" this lets you fix the weld puddle if it you loose the sheet metal on one side.

Repeat this welding on all four sides.

View attachment 4441

Here you can see the weld penatration on the back side of the seam.

Grind up any welds.

View attachment 4541

Use a polymer fuel tank liner to seal the entire interor of the tank.

This prevents rust from forming inside the tank and getting into the fuel system.

Tape up the openings.

View attachment 4542

Pour the polymer liner into the tank.

View attachment 4543

Tape the last opening and slowly rotate the tank.

View attachment 4544

Use a flash light to see that the entire interior of the tank is coated.

Pour the excess polymer out of the tank.

Let dry for 24 hrs

View attachment 4545

Paint the exterior of the tank with 2 coats of epoxy paint.

Reinstall the sending unit, vent plug and nozzle gasket.

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