Grabber Lime Restoration Update - Headliner/Emergency Brake

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Motorcity Mustang

Motorcity Mustang
Aug 27, 2010
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Canton, MIchigan
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1971 429 CJs: Grabber Lime, Grabber Blue, White, Dark Green Metallic (2), Pewter, Red Convertible 1972: Sprints (3), 1973: Pink Convertible (2)
Finally got the headliner in so I can begin putting the glass back in along with the weatherstrip moldings (then the interior).   Headliner was little bit of a pain as I got 3/4s of the way done and I put a small slice in the headliner with the razor blade (had to buy a new one and begin again).  Headliner is in, interior moldings are installed, but the C Pillars will come back off to put the sail panels and quarter panels in next. 

Emergency brake cable is now installed.  Had to cut the hole where it fits through the floor as the reproduction floor didn't have the hole and the bodyshop didn't catch that.  Luckily I have 25-30 parts cars to take make a template and cut in the new hole.   Everything is now attached inside and in through the frame rail. 

Also put new underlayment in for sound deadner and better fit for the carpeting.  Will have to use carpeting without the mass backing as this will take place of the that underneath. 

Hopefully will have the painted dash and rear shelf metal (under the window) back this weekend so I can install those next.