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Jan 7, 2015
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Western North Carolina
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I was invited to a meeting in Highlands, N.C. by Hagerty Insurance, about 50 miles from me to a group of racing and sports car enthusiasts. That is on Saturday. After I signed up I then received a great calendar showing any race type events in my area. There are quite a few. There are lots of autocross and track day events all around my area.
I am sure you have the same type register in your area. You might be able to figure it out from my link to my schedule. I went to local autocross just 9 miles away on Tuesday so not just weekends.
There is also an autocross in Franklin just a few miles away so will go to it also. They are free to watch. My E brake is not working and PB booster blown on the 73 vert or I would run it just for fun. Be glad when this neck gets fixed so I can work on something again. Could not get a link for some reason You can see the info on this screen print. Maybe it did attach below. image.png