Has anyone tried CHI 208 heads and intake for EFI?

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Aug 17, 2019
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Fort Mac, Alberta
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1973 Mustang convertible H code 351C-2V Playmate Pink
Hey gang, just working on a cleveland rebuild and I am running into supply troubles for an off-the-shelf EFI intake manifold. I looked at Trickflow but it sounds like they had a fire at one of the factories and are a few months away from being able to supply parts. If I go with a Weiand intake (the only thing available), I will have to get the port bungs welded in at extra cost and mate them up to Edelbrock heads. Total cost is looking to be about $5K CAD. The other option is to go with CHI (Cylinder Head Innovations). They have a couple of different heads that would be acceptable but I think having the potential to increase flow is attractive and I would likely go with the 208 heads over the 190's. Has anyone tried the 208 single plane intake with 208 heads with hydraulic rollers? The info sheet for CHI shows this combo coming in around 525hp with .6 lift. Wondering if this is accurate. The ole '73 isn't a light car so I think this combo might be just the way to go.