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Dec 29, 2011
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Birmingham, AL
Hey Greg. So this car was actually on Ebay when it sold about a week ago. It was posted on BarnFinds where it was talked about. It sold for over $41,000 but I'm not surprised it was relisted. I'm sure the seller had some shill bidders throwing on some bids to drive the price up, but in the end either the high bidder was AWOL or saw the car prior to laying down the money and refused to complete the deal. The car is now sitting at $20,877, which is where it really should stay because the car is clearly a rebody and not a good one at that. The seller has been educated by members on our forum and continues to misrepresent the car. He bought it at Mecum auction a month ago for $22,000, and the car is really not worth that much. He should just take his lumps and let the car go for $20K and move on, in my opinion. But we will see. It's hard to know if the 23 bids on the car are from legitimate buyers. No one familier with this forum or the 429 Facebook forum would be bidding on this car, but it could be someone who knows nothing about the details of real 429CJ cars. If this car were on Bring a Trailer, it would be annihilated.