Heads UP! Poor quality control check on 71-72 front parking lights/flashers

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Oct 18, 2015
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1972 Ford Mustang Mach 1
Hi everybody,

I wanted to share this with you guys and gals; if anyone has had the same issue I experienced yesterday with my brother.

We were testing out the whole wiring harness for the first time in the car, (nerve racking yes, after having watched many tv shows where the actors screw up and start a fire), but not to worry we were confident and everything went smoothly.

We proceeded to test the lights, flashers, hazards, backup, stop light switch and the issue we had was up front. The wiring pigtail of one of the flashers up front was inversed.

I had just ordered this part from CJ, a LH flasher for our mustang. For some reason, in their manufacturing process they have the wiring pigtail exactly the same as on the RH side. This caused for some reason, a dull flasher and super bright driving light. Yes I thought it could have been my car's wiring but strangely enough when I plugged in the RH housing it worked perfectly fine(Bright flasher, dull or lower intensity for the driving light) We tried this on both the drivers and passengers side to eliminate anything that had to do with the cars wiring.

I'm posting this so that if you've bought this part before or planning to buy it and have had a similar issue, don't go right ahead and start tearing up your wiring loom, the fault in this case was poor quality control and the new part was the problem.

I hope to have helped someone out, like many on this site have helped me!