Heater Hose Bender

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Jan 1, 2012
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Many years ago when I needed a replacement heater hose with a 90º bend I went to the local Ford dealer, and found out that a lot of the heater hoses with bends in them weren't supported for very long. Instead Ford offered a heater hose bender. I know I still have one in a box, but I couldn't find it to take a picture of it. 

The Part number is D1AZ-18573-A. 

There are some on eBay and Rear Counter, as well as other places.



They just clip around 5/8" heater hoses and keep them from kinking when bending them in a small radius. The alternative is to heat and bend the hos, but this often results in a hard spot in the hose, if it is overheated, and weakens it.

Here are a couple of internet pictures

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