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Jul 6, 2014
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1973 Q-Code Mach 1. Full restoration in progress.
I just bought a 1971 Mach 1 about a month ago. The driveline and body were pretty much done,everything else came in boxes, lots and lots of boxes!! In the past 30 days I've put about two grand and 150 hours into it. The funny thing is I've been working on cars for a living for over 38 years. Seems like the last thing I would want to do is work on a car for fun right? But the fact is, I can't wait to get back in the shop and get more done. Hope to do some cruisin before summer is over.
You have done what I have and I agree, it's a pleasure to open the garage door each day and work on these cars. Working on cars for a living can be a challenge, but these older vehicles (at this point in my life) are the best hobby and show great results.

The unfortunate part of restoring them is the poor quality of the replacement parts we must suffer with. Seems there are very, very few manufacturers who care about proper fit and function of what they produce..

Keep enjoying the project and keep in mind that the value of these 123 Mustangs is on the rise..