Hurst 5 Speed Short Throw Shifter

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Jan 30, 2014
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Not sure that this should be in this forum or the Misc (not 71-73 specific) but I'll let our moderator decide.  :whistling:

When we installed the Tremec it came with this shifter and it worked great. (The fellow I bought it from pulled the tranny out of his Eleanor).

During my son's college sophmore year internship (he's an industrial design major) he worked with MGW out of Augusta Ga on custom parts for a product launch that he was lead designer on. MGW is a CNC fab shop that also has a line of performance short throw shifters and other cool items.  Well, after working with George and his team, we got it in our heads that we needed to swap out the Hurst for a MGW and that's what we did, so now this guy needs a new home.  It's an older generation Hurst Billet Plus 5 Speed Short Throw shifter model # 3915070 and comes with what you see - shifter housing, handle and knob.  

If you can use it in your project, or you're just a purveyor of fine used parts, shoot me a PM and we'll work out a price.


PS: Remember our friends in Florida this weekend!

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Sep 3, 2020
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do you still have this? I'm about to do a t5 conversion and need a shifter.