I my have found someone who can make a 4300D work right


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Sep 30, 2010
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I accidentally found a guy who says he can make a a Motorcraft 4300D work properly. That is the potentially good news. The not so good news is, he only does complete restorations. Cost is $695 + $45 return shipping. He has been in business for 50+ years. He said he does 2 or 3 4300Ds a year and none have been sent back and no complaints. All carbs are wet flowed.

His name is Tom Zeman, Islip NY, 631 581-2009.  Ghost Performance. He is a major Ford guy. He has a Boss 351 for sale. Complete car but is very rusty, lots of NOS parts come with it, $20K asking price. He also has a complete Boss 351 engine for sale as well as a Q code long block, He has a LOT of Ford parts.

I have not used his service, so not personal experience. Everyone on the Boss302/Boss 351 message board speak highly of him.  Chuck



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Sep 14, 2018
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Hmmm. I've seen his name mentioned before also in a good way. I had mine recently rebuilt locally by a carb guy that did my Q-Jet carb for my J-Code back in 1994. Cost me $350, but not finished to show quality, which I was not looking for on my 73 Q Code. So far so good, as the car is running normal. Have not really had it out yet for a real good run and test, so we will see. The price Tom charges including shipping would equate to over a grand in our funny money... It adds up... Good find though!