Is there a way to disassemble the seat track?

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Sep 3, 2020
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The base (the part that gets bolted to the car (on the passenger side) was cut (missing the attachment tabs/bolt holes) I have a good track but the locking/adjustment handle goes in the wrong direct (it's a driver's side). Is there is a way to disassemble the track and swap the base? and if so does anyone have clear directions (hopefully with pictures). Or, does anyone have a spare passenger side track (the one with the handle) they would sell at a reasonable price?

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Jan 7, 2015
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You can take them apart I did recently. If you look in the end of the track you see the end of a leaf spring. If you can get another set of hands hold down that spring and pull on the track it will come apart. There are 8, 1/4" ball bearings in a little cage so they will go flying. Then there are to 3/4" rollers also. Due to vibrations the 1/4" balls beat into the tracks and usually a mess. The 3/4" rollers are usually rusty. Sorry no pics. But I did get them apart. You can get new ball bearings at hardware store. I use the Lucas Red N Tacky # 2 grease on them. One track painted one has Magnesium Phosphate on it.