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May 1, 2021
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I'm in the middle of replacing my radiator support.  The old one is being replaced because the car was wrecked  and the passenger side of it was fubar.  Before I did any cutting, I made a lot of measurements and markings for where everything lined up.  Then once I got everything unbolted and ready to start cutting, I noticed all the welds looked pretty ugly.  Like somebody in the past had already replaced this thing and did about a B-rate job of it.

Anyways, I get the old one out of there and grinded down everything and start fitting the new one.  The new one drops into place and fits pretty well, except the most of the features along the top of it are shifted to one side 1/4-1/2" as compared to the one that came out of it.  Being that the old one was a bit of a hack job to begin with, and then it was wrecked, I don't fully trust the measurements that I got off it.  I really don't want to go cutting up the new one to force it to match the measurements from the old one if it was wrong.

Can somebody point me to a set of good measurements for the radiator support?  Like how far from each side is that center hole on the top supposed to be?  And for a sanity check, how much space should be between the radiator support and the firewall/cowl?


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