Looking for usable (not pretty) headers for a 351c 2V


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Paul of MO

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Jul 2, 2011
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The 390 in my 1968 Torino needs to come out as something "bad" happened inside it.  I have a fresh 351C 2V / C6 combo that has been hanging on a stand in the corner of my shop and I would like to use it. 

Does anyone have a set they would like to part with?  I am not looking for anything pretty - just something that will work as the 390 will go back in sometime next year. (or its replacement  - It may have dropped a valve or two)

I have been told that 71 through 73 Mustang headers will work in the 68 Torino since the car is a C6 without power steering.

Thanks so much!

Paul of MO