Mach1 Sports roof removable rear seat lap sash belts

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Apr 3, 2021
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Melbourne, Australia
As I live in Australia and our design rules require lap sash belts to be installed in the rear seats from 1972 onwards, I needed to find a solution for the install.

My Mach 1 has the fold down rear seat option and I did not want to have belts laying around when the rear seat was folded down.

I came up with a solution with the assistance of a local seat belt manufacturer. They have a product that they use for MG sports cars where one end of the belt clips in via an eye bolt. This was the perfect solution for what I was trying to achieve.

I fortunately found a hole behind the sail panel that was perfect for installing the sash part of the belt anchor point / eye bolt. The seat belt set comes with a eye bolt and plate with a nut welded to the plate. The eye bolt is painted the same colour as the trim. It will probably chip over time if the belt is used often. But I dont plan on using it.

Here is a few pictures of the install.

20210619_152018 (Large).jpg

20210619_153348 (Large).jpg

20210619_153319 (Large).jpg

20210710_132305 (Large).jpg

20210710_132418 (Large).jpg

20210710_132433 (Large).jpg

20210710_132555 (Large).jpg

My next task is to source another set of rear plastic trims and replace them as mine are fairly sad looking. Or repair them.