Marti Report and last time Registered 1972 Q Code Mach 1

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Dec 8, 2019
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72 Mach 1 Q-Code
Went ahead and did the Marti report. I just like cars but was fun to learn more about this one. I spent alot of personal time rebuilding this car from original purchase in 2014 as a kinda driveable Mach 1 with no real interior and had been parked since 1981 as the last registration shows. The Original owner seems to have been a merchant marine captain of a vessel in the Port of LA according to the meager amount of documentation I could find. This car took a hit in the rear and was parked from 1981 on. It was parked with about 100,000 miles on odometer and had engine and trans rebuilt and was stripped to bare metal when I bought it. Definitely a journey! Nearly everything is rebuilt or replaced at this point.


  • 2F05Q192652_dlxrpt Marti report for 1972 Mustang Mach 1.pdf
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  • mach1 one when I bought it 2.jpeg
    mach1 one when I bought it 2.jpeg
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  • mach1 one when I bought it.jpeg
    mach1 one when I bought it.jpeg
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  • mch 1 registration 1981.jpeg
    mch 1 registration 1981.jpeg
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