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Jul 1, 2023
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Guess I'm a new member now although I have been checking this website for a while now. Interesting info and comments.

My Mustang is a 1971 Convertible Mach 1 Tribute out of San Antonio, Texas although I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Brought the car up to Canada in 2018 after it basically sat idle but stored since 2009/2010. No rust which is good. Required some TLC since it had sat for so long but solid, true and reliable now. Ready to go anywhere/anytime and cruise with a trusty 302cc engine and C4 tranny. Some may have already viewed the car as it is unique and came with a Panther Pink Dodge muscle car finish with black trim and top. I've been fortunate to win a prize or two with it although I bought it to drive - not to show. Sold an Austin Healey that I had had for 38yrs and it went to Germany. I always liked the 71/72 and 73 Mustangs and as I had big rag tops as a teen, this one had to be topless too. Happy to join the group. :) Marv.
Welcome Marv from Kentucky.