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Apr 24, 2020
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Pittsford, NY
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My all time favorite vehicle is our 1969 Shelby GT500
I like to drive to NPD as well, they are about an hour and half from me. Where in NC are you, I am in Augusta, Georgia. When mine is on the road (hopefully this month), we should link up somewhere.

In fairness CJ Pony Parts has always done me right, despite all the bad press I see about them. But I also use WCCC, SummitRacing, NPD, AutoZone, Advanced, Auto, Rock Auto, and today I used a new NAPA store that opened up a few months ago. The NAPA online ordered got bungled (site crashed), and I ended up re-entering the order. Then I went to the parts store and found out both orders went through regardless of the first site crashing. Both orders were cancelled and charges reversed by the time I got to the store.

The person we were working with took care of placing the order for us, no hassle or confusion. Their online descriptions of what hardware was NOT included with the pads was clear, and the parts in the hardware kit were very clearly photographed. No other site I visited had the clarity I wanted before ordering what I wanted. I always liked NAPA quality "back in the day." I have no real complaints about any of those providers. Nothing significant. Some suggestions, perhaps, but nothing to gripe about.