Noisy front end blues.

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Aug 12, 2019
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The front of my 71 Mach was pretty noisy, so I rebuilt everything on the front suspension...EXCEPT the springs. They looked to be in good shape, so I just replaced the insulators and the perches with a pair from Scott Drake. It's better. no rattle, but still gives me the "boing!". Will bad springs be noisy like that? Or will they just sag. I know that the simple answer is "just change the springs stupid" but I also notice that the passenger spring seems to be rubbing against the outside of the tower it sits in. I thought that it was being caused by a worn out control arm, but now I'm not sure. Does that mean something is seriously wrong with the subframe? Thanks!

Apr 24, 2013
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1971 J Code Mach 1
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The spring should not contact the car anywhere.

Is the spring sitting in the lower seat correctly, as the tangent tip up against the stop on the lower perch?

Most of the time coil springs will just sag, but a natural consequence of this loss of free height is more coil-coil contact which can be heard if its bad enough.

If the 'boing!' noise you are hearing is something you can feel as well my guess would be that the spring is mis-located on the upper or lower seat somehow, and is rubbing on the body or a fastener inside the tower. I have seen times were a bolt is run into the tower and is too long and touches the spring...


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