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NOS parts


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Apr 25, 2020
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My Car
73 Mach 1, Q code, 4 speed, fully optioned
I have the following NOS parts for sale:

Fastback/ Mach 1 left rear quarter panel, D3ZZ part number, $700 pick up only In NJ
73 Front valence $100, pick up only in NJ
73 rear bumper shelf (long sheet metal part that fits behind rear bumper) $50 plus shipping
73 rear bumper corner filler set (flexible plastic pieces that mount to quarter panels) $100 plus shipping SOLD
Door edge guard set $75 plus shipping
Wiper motor (missing little cover plate), $75 plus shipping
Left remote sport Mirror $150 plus shipping
Mach 1 dual exhaust chrome tip set $600 plus shipping
73 351 4V air cleaner snorkel with flex duct $125 plus shipping SOLD
71-72 PW switches, 2 up down control, 1 lock out, $60 each plus shipping
73 honey comb panel upper trim bright metal (if you paint half of it flat black, correct for 71-72), $50 plus shipping SOLD
Glove Box lock and truck lock cylinder with matching key set, correct for cars with convenience group option, $50 plus shipping
73 spare tire lock with keys , also fits 71 and 72 $100 plus shipping
AM-FM stereo radio, 4 speaker, looks exactly like 2 speaker type when installed $300 plus shipping
Never used Space Saver spare H78-14, 6 1/2" tread width, same bolt pattern as a F78-14. F78-14 has 6" tread width. Looks just like a F78-14 except for the molded in H78 lettering and 1/2" wider tread width. $200 plus shipping
73 aluminum wheel lug nuts, two boxes of 5, $75 per box plus shipping

Please PM if interested in any of the above.

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