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Jul 22, 2021
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Warson Woods, MO
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1973 Gold Glow Mustang Convertible, 302 2V C4
I have my Marti report.  When I bought the car I inherited a first page (of 2) entitled "Mustang Secret Decoder Disk". Has anyone had experience with this?  I don't have the disk (can buy one on ebay for $10) but the page I have identifies my car accurately with two exceptions:

  1) The disk page says my DSO is "931C (Special Order Unit 1C).    Marti says DSO 55, St Louis, which is correct.

 2) The disk page says my Axle is A for a 3.50:1.  Marti correctly says its a "6" 3.00:1 open.

Could it be that it got reprogrammed for its "final" order?  The car is a late 1973 April 2 production.  


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