Older CHP Streetfighter 408 RA for Wheezer

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Mar 30, 2011
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Tucson, AZ
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1971 Mustang fastback restomod. Caged, stiffened, lowered, on 17" wheels with 4 wheel disc brakes and Bilstein dampers. PST polygraphite suspension kit w/Mustangs Plus springs. Custom SEFI-EDIS8 EEC-V injection based on '96 Crown Vic harness (CDAN4 strategy). 90mm induction, LMAF, 80mm Accufab TB, Edelbrock Victor intake, 42# injectors, fully ported RHS Pro Action 215 heads, long tube headers. '69 351W stroked to 408 using Scat 4340 crank, H-beam rods, SRP pistons. Comp Cams 284 Magnum hydraulic roller cam, Canton windage tray and main girdle w/blueprinted standard pressure oil pump. Serpentine conversion using late model 5.0 parts. Backed by a built 4R70W, FB Performance 3000 RPM triple-disc converter, custom alum driveshaft, stock Ford 9" w/3.50:1 billet LS.
Previous generation Coast High Performance 408 Streetfighter rotating assembly for 351W.

- Fully machined and ready to install, no additional machine work required.

- Probe LW40 2618-T6 aluminum flat top forged slugs, 0.030" over and accepts 1/16" top ring.

- Rings not included.

- Cast steel crank, 4.0" stroke

- Forged steel rods, 6.123" length, press-fit bushings

- Rods fitted with ARP hardware.

- Rod beams have been polished for additional strength.

- Rods and mains have been machined to -0.020".

- 50 oz balanced for small block harmonic balancer (late model 5.0 style).

- ACL Duraglide 780 main and rod bearings included.

- Rated for 600-650 horsepower, 7000 RPM (according to Mark O'Neal of Coast High Performance).

$750 shipped within the continental USA. Pics on request.

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