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Sep 3, 2020
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My parking brake (1973 Q code vert, 9" rear drums) is virtually useless. Pushed all the way to floor offers some resistance, but nowhere near enough (rear brakes and cylinders recently replaced). Is there a troubleshooting guide? I am assuming the cables are stretched and need replacement, but which one (or all?). Don't want to just start replacing parts with no plan.

New motor (extra 100+ hp and T5 are awesome.  95mph effortlessly at 2500 rpm, Great upgrade!

May 19, 2021
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First, did the parking brake work before the rear brakes were replaced? Did you do the work or a shop? You can adjust the parking brake by following the service manual directions. The basic directions are, jack up the rear axle, block the front wheel, put it in neutral, lose the locknut on the parking brake adjusted (When you crawl under the vehicle, you’ll see it under where the parking brake pedal is), then tighten the adjusting nut until turning the rear tires, you can hear the shoes rubbing the drums and the brakes are engaging, then back it off until they are free. Then tighten the locknut, lower the vehicle, and test the parking brake.

Before I did this, though, I would make sure the new brakes are adjusted corrected for free play. If the shoes are too far away from the drum surface, that could be a reason the parking brake ceased to work, if it did before the change.

If none of that works, the cable could be seized and need to be replaced.


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