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Michael O’Harran

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Jan 4, 2022
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Here is what I have from Forel Shop Manual, Volume 6, Emission Control Systems. It has a section covering the Fuel Evaporative Control, to include several useful diagrams. I also have some photos I took of our 73 Mustang Convertible's Fuel Evaporative Control. I see you have already received a lot of photos and tips. I have little more to offer, other than the diagrams from the Shop Manual. My photos may be redundant. I will say this, the Fuel Evaporative Control system is one of those rare emission control systems that actually does good, a lot of good, with no downside. It is too often misunderstood and bypassed or defeated by folks who so not understand how it works, much less why it is in place to begin with (other than part of government required emission control purposes). I rank this at the level of PCV systems re: it far outweighing any alleged negatives when set up and working properly.
Thank you very much

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