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Dec 16, 2010
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I finally broke down and bought a new driver side window regulator for my 71 Mach.  I've never been happy with the one that's in there and how sloppy it is, and how it doesn't come up totally level at the front.  So the questions I have are:

Can I replace the regulator without removing the window glass? 

How many of the small black metal glass guides at the top of the the front of the door opening are used for each door window?  One on each side of the glass?   Can I pop rivet them in?  And if so, what size rivet?

Best method to align the glass properly?

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Jul 12, 2010
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The factory shop manual has the adjustment procedure for the door glass. There are also exploded diagrams of the guide bracket locations and how to adjust them as well. I wouldn't rivet them in, as they need to remain adjustable. 

You can replace the regulator with the glass installed. You will also want to clean the old grease off the guide tube and channel, and replace the bushings in the guide. They fail after so many years and the window will "chatter" as it moves.

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Jan 7, 2015
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I suggest you just take the window out. You do not have to that the two big round white pieces off on each end. Just the metal part that the window regulator hooks to. You tip the window down in the rear and slip the round piece through a wide place in the front of the door then take the rear one through. You need your window regulator out to give you room. There are felt guides in there that put the scratches in the glass you can get new felt and glue on. Also that far in good time to remove the door latch clean and lube it. I use the Lucas Oil Red N Tacky #2 grease much better than the old white grease. Lots of cleaning in there. With everything out check out the bottom of your door inside. You might want to remove any flaking sealer and brush on some new sealer. Jobs like this tend to snow ball just because you are in there. I have been cleaning up a set to go in my current build. When everything is clean new grease it is amazing how easy the roll up and down.