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Jul 10, 2011
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Germany, Southwest, Black Forest
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1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1 T5 Q-Code 4-Speed
Quick report:

I am struggling with the exhaust system at the moment. After 12 hours I had a new system constructed from new and old 2,5 pipes. Wow, that was a fight. Without a lift that's quite a thing... From the Hooker headers I went inwards along the trans like it is from the factory in some Flowmaster mufflers which connect in the right angle towards the rear axle, a bit farther away than the original mufflers from the factory. But I can still use the original mounts for the hangers, only have to fabricate some sort of back-angled metal bar to hold the hangers in the right place. Now it was quite a task to give the existing over-the-axle pipes the right angle along with some end pipes. After I managed that I had the feel the pipes never had run that good towards the rear valance since 40 years. So I went to my father in law to give them pipes some serious welding. And guess what? After 10 minutes of food welds the machine gave up - damn! We both were frustrated and now have to look how we could get that machine running good again. Mission not accomplished, man, I hate that. But we will follow up soon and then there will be some photos.
Just a little update for my build followers ;)